Clubbing At Moritzplatz U-Bahn Station

Moritzplatz U-Bahn Entry

What in the world…OMG, only in Berlin, I so love this city... That phrase flew through my mind as I was standing in the middle of a subway station at 2:30am on December 17.

Our crew had just left the BOOTIE Berlin Mashup Party to hit the SoundCloud Christmas Party, only to find that the place was heaving so far over capacity that we couldn’t even bribe our way in with a 50 euro bill (seriously – Gilly tried).  The SoundCloud party had been hyped up for months, so needless to say I was feeling extremely disappointed and a little grumpy about having left the perfectly awesome Mashup party behind us.

We began to walk down the street toward Moritzplatz, having decided to find a bar to sit out an hour or so before trying SoundCloud again, when the thumping bass and mixed rhythms of a very talented DJ caught our ears.  I turned my head left and right, but could only see the delicious array of arts ‘n craft supplies in the darkened windows of Planet Modulor  and vis a vis, the deserted plot of the Prinzessinnengarten.

A group of lubricated hipsters ascended from the depths of the U-Bahn entrance, and we realized the music was coming from below.  The excitement began to build and we skipped down the stairs to behold a sight that was truly for my party-seeking eyes.  A mobile full sound system, mixing tables, and 2 excellent DJs spinning true Berlin techno beats and about 100 swaying bodies had turned the normally empty transit space into a free-for-all club.  The picture doesn’t do it justice, I wish we had taken more but this was the only one.

Peter and Tom jumped right into the groove, Gilly ran to a pub to grab us all some beers, and I reveled for a moment in the liberal hippie glory that is Berlin.  I started to ask questions…how is this possible?  It must be illegal? I asked a few people and the answer was the same:  This is a public space.  We are the people.  The party is tolerated because we clean up when we are done.  You really gotta love this self-policing society.  Be wild and crazy, but don’t piss anyone off.  I can meld with that.

A woman that I swear was Henriette Müller showed up, looking shorter than in the movies and smoking cigs one after the other.  Being the rabid Berlin Calling fan that I am, I decided to try and bum one off her to see if she was the real deal.  She gave me the smoke but was not very talkative so I didn’t push it, and instead rejoined the guys and we danced and danced and danced.

Peter had to run to catch an early plane back to the USA, and Tom was tired too, so as a duo Gilly and I finally made our way back to SoundCloud which was, by that time, and very unfortunately, lame lame lame.  At that point we called it a night because honestly, two out of three epic stops ain’t bad.

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