Colors@Concorde: The Fresh And French Party


In the world of all that is hip in Berlin, sometimes the central-western kiezes (especially Charlottenberg and Wilmersdorf) feel a little left out of the buzz, despite being “juuuust a bit outside” the HIP ZONE.  My Prenzlauerberg/Mitte/Kreuzberg rooted neighbors will tell you that’s because there is nothing over there that is hip enough to buzz about.  I’ve sketched this beautiful map to explain the geographical dilemma (of being close…but supposedly not close enough).

However, having lived on the far side of Berlin in Neu Westend for five long years, I can vouch for it not being the case that there is nothing hip to experience on that side of the city.  There are cool things to do in Charlottenberg and Wilmersdorf, and a new social media campaign being launched by the Hotel Concorde aims to tell that to the world.  I was lucky enough to have been invited to the party they held to kick things off.

On June 14, 2012, I had the pleasure of  attending “Colours@Concorde,” an event hosted by the hotel in order to celebrate the launch of their new hotel-, wine-, lifestyle- and taste-oriented blog, “Fresh and French.”  The blog is supplemented by their social communication channels, Twitter and Facebook.

The party was chic, relaxed, and delightful, beginning with them picking up myself and my favorite Berlin City Girl, Hannah, in a private limousine smelling of fresh leather. Thea from Sister_Mag was already inside the car, and we learned about her cool new publication for ladies of the digital age.

We had a welcome drink, an introduction from the friendly staff, and then we were on our way to a tour of the outer structure of the Hotel Concorde, which was designed by the award-winning Berlin architect Jan Kleihues.

We enjoyed mingling with some of Germany’s most prominent bloggers over French champagne (Moët et Chandon) on ice with berries, sweet oysters (Gilly even tried one!) and veal tartar in the cozy seating area out front.

Then we had tours of the gourmet kitchen, green-themed restaurant and hotel art exhibition (presented by artist Katrin Kampmann) with lots of divine nibbles (thank you chef Steffen Sinzinger & team) all along the way.

Finally we visited the gorgeous suites and attended the after-party in one of them complete with live DJ spinning…Berlin techno beats (what else?).  The group had a lot of fun throughout the evening competing against each other in the photo contest that our hosts used to challenge us to beat each other.  Hotel Concorde throws a great party.

A few talented blogger colleagues have done a fantastic job of describing the party in detail, so rather than repeat their tales about the menus and the hotel, I’ve decided to list their posts at the end for anyone who is interested to read more.  I, instead, would like to highlight a few places of interest in the vicinity for anyone visiting Berlin and staying at the Hotel Concorde.


The Deutsche Oper always has an all star line up of the world’s most beloved ballet, opera and more.  I personally love to go there in December to see the Nutcracker, booking a seat front and center for a bonus view of the orchestra and choir.  To have a table with bubbly and nibbles waiting for you at intermission, reserve ahead.


The best sushi in Berlin can be found at Kuchi on Kantstrasse.  Casual and cozy, fragrant and fresh.  Get the fried eggplant starter, salmon sashimi and the green caterpillar roll, they’re the bomb.


Get glamorous and be prepared to sip your cocktails and dance with the beautiful people at the Puro Sky Lounge on top of Europa center.  With stunning 360° views of the city, this is my favorite place to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Book a lounge in the VIP area to relax with a more mature, sophisticated crowd.


Book a table in advance (second row from the front is the best) for an evening of lively sophistication at the Jazz Club A-Trane.  The intimate venue is usually packed by those in the know about where to find the best of this genre in Berlin.

Sightseeing & Shopping

Wander through the side streets in the area inside the red circle, and you will find charming cafes, a diversity of beautiful boutiques, and lovely green squares with old architecture — a great way to enjoy a relaxing afternoon.

Other stories about Colors@Concorde, the launch party for the French & Fresh blog:

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Zu Gast im Luxushotel Concorde in Berlin (in German)

A big thanks to the Hotel Concorde from myself and Hannah, we had a great time and hope to be invited again.

Cheers!  ;)

Please note that photos are a mixture of my own, and found on the EyeEm album #ConcordeColours Blogger Event, and those of the hotel photographer, found in their Facebook album of the event.

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4 Comments on “Colors@Concorde: The Fresh And French Party”

  1. gary hathaway
    June 20, 2012 at 11:28 am #

    Nice post! I really felt like I knew the area around the hotel. It made me want to go there.
    Here is an idea: or
    Need more coffee.
    I liked the different twist to the post.

    • June 22, 2012 at 11:50 am #

      cool, thanks for the comments and for the the site referrals U-G. :)


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