The Best Of Berlin’s Street Art Photos And Videos

East Side Gallery on the remaining Berlin Wall

One of the things I love the most about Berlin is the street art.  The expression of rebellious individuality and free-thinking is the very character of Berlin, and it’s graffiti is the badge it proudly wears.  With a glance around at any corner, I feel the energy and inspiration bubbling through the cobbled streets, in abandoned factories and parks, in the hum of passionate conversation at it’s many dark bars and underground hangouts.

To give you an idea of the variety, art critic Emilie Trice has called Berlin “the graffiti Mecca of the urban art world,” according to Smashing Magazine, in an article that looks at the development of the Berlin street art scene, from its beginnings as a minor West Berlin movement in the late ’70s to its current status: the heritage of a now unified city.

Berlin street art makes me smile and take a deep breath every day. I believe my friends somehow feel the same – that they love the graffiti too – whether they feel it consciously or not.  How you ask?  Because I’ve noticed a trend developing over the past year.  They are obsessive streetart-spotters.  Luckily they are also damn talented photographers and filmmakers, which means that from moment to moment they are beautifully capturing what is otherwise a transient and evolutionary artform.

Luci Westphal creator of In A Berlin Minute web series has recently taken an interesting and unique approach, focusing on graffiti text:

Candian-native, Berlinerin and travel blogger, Cheryl Howard has photographed some of my favorite street art, trending toward the whimsical side, with her romantic Hearts in Prenzlauberg series.

For an expansive, living documentary of Berlin Street Art, check out AndBerlin.  It’s creator is from the UK.  He became interested in street art and Berlin, so one day he packed his bags, hopped on a plan, and has been here in the Haupstadt, documenting it ever since.

Heading to Berlin in the future and want to experience the best of it’s streetart with your very own eyes?  There is a cool company in the city offering underground tours of things like graffiti, and more: Alternative Berlin.

With graffiti, you have to be there to see it when it’s there, because tomorrow another artist will come through and add to, change, cover over the piece that you had seen on display.  An ever evolving reflection of the latest state of affairs in the city and the globe.  Come yourself, and see the center of the cultural universe and it’s vibrant visual story for the world.

Do you love street art too?  Why?  Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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